Pumper Plug

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Inflate to the size you want

This smooth silicone plug inflates by squeezing the attached bulb pump, creating a custom fit in seconds. A great way to train yourself to go bigger, the smaller size is great for those that yearn for a big stretch but are apprehensive about insertion.

The plugs surface is smooth and sleek, and silicone has a touch that's soft as velvet against skin. It is best to prep its surface with a quality water based lubricant to help the plug slide in between your cheeks. Once in place all it takes is a few squeezes on the attached bulb style pump and the elastic silicone will begin to stretch, taking on a wonderful firmness from the air pressure trapped beneath its surface. This plug can get extremely large, but when you're ready to remove the plug, the plug's girth will quickly diminish.

The stretchy silicone is the perfect choice of material for the Pumper Plug; it's ultra durable, flexible, and even antibacterial, making it a superior hygienic anal play tool.

Pumper plug specifications

  • Materials: Silicone