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Top 10 anal beads to enhance your sex life

It doesn't matter about being male, female, transgender or any self defined label when it comes to butt play. We all have arseholes and playing with them is a great way to achieve mind-blowing orgasms!

When used right, anal beads are a fantastic choice for give sensations deep inside for both beginners and butt playing champions. Did we mention they pair well with solo or couple play?

What are anal beads?

Anal beads are a row of beads attached together with a cord. The sizes of the beads vary in size, shapes and materials. The cords also vary, some flowing from the beads to create one solid toy to string style cords. This means users will get different sensations from different beads.

How to use anal beads?

Short answer, lube them up and insert them into your bum. Readers might like to try inserting them and then removing them during orgasm. Because the anus contracts during orgasm along with the pelvic floor, pulling out anal beads can really up the intensity of an orgasm. Removing the beads at just the right moment might be the most satisfying anal bead experience.

Other ways anal beads are used include leaving them in for the duration of play. Because the anus is super sensitive with lots of nerve endings, having something inserted and left can feel great all by itself. Few anal bead newbies, smaller more slender beads can be a good option.

Giving them a tug and pushing them back in is another great way to enjoy the moment. Keeping the feeling of objects inserting and departing can feel great, so moving the beads in and out continually can feel especially good. Some beads come in various sizes, going from smaller to bigger and modulating the intensity of sensation.

Extra G-spot stimulation can come from vibrating anal beads and they come in wired and wireless remote control formats. Having the sensation of the anus clenching and contracting rhythmically during orgasm along with the pelvic floor and added vibrations can be sensation overload for newbies and best left to the experienced.

What lubricants are used for anal beads?

We recommended to use a water based lubricant as it is so versatile. Many body-safe anal beads are made from versatile silicone blends which can break down when used with a silicone lube.

Several brands offer silicone based lube with has the advantage of lasting longer or with additives such as relaxing ingredients allowing the tightest of users to experience a glide that is as comfortable as it is satisfying. If silicone lubricants are used, check the anal beads are not made from silicone.

How to maintain anal beads?

Anal beads should be cleaned with a suitable anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Beads are not entirely inert or non-porous and may naturally degrade over time. A good cleaning ritual should be done after use, allowing for suitable clean and dry time. If the beads begin to change their odour, chasing colour, becoming sticky or forming a slick film over them, it is time to throw them away and buy a new set. Stainless steal beads themselves be easy to clean, but the cord connecting them may not achieve the same positive qualities as the stainless steel beads.

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