Smart Sex Toys

Chances are you have heard about connected sex toys, IoT sex toys or Internet connected sex toys. Some of the most interesting and top search results when we searched, are all concerned around the security of these devices. The vulnerabilities in smart toys particularly have been hacked to reveal privacy ricks, concerns and even unintended sexual acts!

Putting the potential security concerns aside for one moment and looking at smart toys with our trendy rose-tinted glasses, and we do not need to worry about privacy or security concerns, there are several products on the market which offer singles and couples a whole new dynamic for interactive sexual acts. In fact, for any newbie wannabe cam stars reading this post, there are social cam networks that integrate with several smart toy makers enabling cam upselling during a show a big earner for many. If you don’t believe us, you could have a look at and the lovense toys.

If you have ever used or seen a Lovense toy, we really hope you have positive things to say as we think the concept is great and having seen them used by several cammers, the Lovense have helped them earn big. Taking off our glasses and living in the real world and keeping in with a hot top these days, “privacy”, there is currently a lawsuit against Lovense for storing user’ vibrator usage details. This is not the first time a smart toy manufacturer has or is being penalised around privacy issues. A better-known brand We-Vibe had to pay £2.5m to claimants in 2017 due to a privacy case. However, if you are not concerned about vibration usage going back to the manufacturer, where they likely use the data to make improvements to their products and not for any singled out perverted reason, then don’t let the privacy of smart toys put you off.

If you take anything away from our connected toys post then before deciding on which smart toy you want to buy, firstly consider if you actually need smart capabilities? Will it add any extra excitement or money, or is it a gimmick that you are not going to benefit from? If you are still sold on having a smart toy, trying something new such as being in a meeting when your partner remotely enables that egg or because you want to earn more coins on social cam networks, we highly recommend reading up about the devices you have in mind, check their reviews and buy from a legitimate business / authorised retailers to ensure you are not buying knock off.