Fleshlight -

My first Fleshlight Experience - It was great!

A benefit of running an online sex toy retailer is all the free products myself and my wife get to test! I like to experiment with as many of our products to see if they live up to their hype. I bet it isn’t often you read about a director and his wife openly talking about being massive wankers!

Sharing my first Flashlight experience, I can honestly say I blown away. Well done Fleshlight! I can see why you have sold so many over the years. I opted to try the Fleshlight Quickshot with my wife, being open ended at both ends it is more suited to couple play. Why is it more suitable for couple play than the classic Fleshlight? For us at least it allows for felacio play and to finish with an alluring cum shot. Yes, I am proud to say my wife looks incredible with her pearl necklace.

Out of the box

The Quickshot comes in a well-designed branded economical retail package. Inside the packaging contains the Fleshlight and a sachet of Fleshlube to get you started. The packaging is also sealed with a tamperproof sticker. Taking it out of its box, it easily fitted into the palm of my hand. The masturbator has a twist lock outer case to release the sleeve. Both the case and sleeve are transparent. The first thing you might want to do is touch the inner sleeve with your finger, but I don’t like to ruin surprises and so refrained. The size of the Quickshot is easily held by both my hands and my wife's.

Getting messy

My wife applied the lube directly to the inner sleeve and warmed me up with her mouth. She slowly inserted my dick into the Quickshot and slowly stroked me. The feel of it was honestly surprising, I did not expect it to feel as good and realistic as it did. She varied from going slow to wanking me off fast. The lube provided a pleasant glide even when she was very vigorous with me, leaving no friction burns. When my wife started to suck me off at the same time as using the toy on me, not surprisingly it was over pretty quick! The sensation felt different to a double blowjob, and different to a normal blowjob with hand play. Is it wrong I thought about it that way round? It was as if I had a 50/50 split from having sex whilst having a blowjob at the same time.

I have since used the toy a couple times in solo play when I have needed a quick release, and it is more comfortable than wanking. The open ends make firing my load as convenient as wanking, and it only takes a moment to give it a quick clean, before being ready for round two! I use Fleshlight's cleaning solution.


Wrapping up my first Fleshlight experience, I just wish I had the nerve to buy one when I was a teenager when it would have been used a lot more. But for the occasional added sensation and convenience of solo play when travelling with work or for a quick realise, it is a great male toy product.

  • Value for money; Yes!
  • Feels like a real vagina; Yes!
  • Great for couples; Yes!
  • Is it discreet; Yes!
  • Easy to clean: Yes!