Growing Admirers on AdmireMe

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Growing Admirers on AdmireMe

A great way to earn re-occurring money from something fun and with little stress is most people’s ideal job. What if money could be earnt from taking a few sexy pictures and a few short videos? AdmireMe is not a webcam or porn site. We suspect live feeds will also become available in the near future to further engage, subscribed and paid audiences or to attract new members but the advantage of AdmireMe is the influencer does not need to wait for users to sign on to earn. An influencer can record something at a convenient time and post the content later that day. This makes AdmireMe a much more convenient way to fit this work into normal daily life’s.

AdmireMe is a social network that allow ordinary people to become (micro) influencers and charge a subscription for advocates/fans to follow them. The content produced is mainly geared towards the adult genre and is growing fast.

Creating an account is as easy as creating one on any of the major social networks. AdmireMe’s business model is to charge commission on sales so an influencer is operating on a cost per acquisition (CPA) pay-out to use the network. The commission rates are very reasonable, and the average influencer stands to earn far more than they would if producing traditional adult content on adult sites.

Depending on the destination bank account, bank transfer fees will also need to be considered. When a VIP has earned over £100, it will automatically be paid into their bank account every Monday and they will not need to request pay-outs when this amount is achieved.

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What do influencers need to consider?

As with any content published online, no matter the perceived privacy around the distribution of the content, anything can be recorded and redistributed if someone really wanted to invest the time doing so.  An influencer should consider the possibility a friend, relative or work colleague seeing the content.

What equipment is needed to be an AdmireMe influencer?

The equipment needed it actually very light and we bet you already have the needed equipment. Most content can be produced on a smart phone with a data plan and nothing else. If an influencer wants to keep their face out of the content to keep themselves anonymous, using the front phone camera an influencer can position the camera to crop at the face or cover their face with a mask. Plenty of influencers never share any serious identifying body parts such as tattoos or faces, although they are not going to be as successful as those willing to show their face. Great angles from hand holding selfie poses can create fantastic content. A top down angle showing of your chest for example.

How to actually grow the fans

The million-dollar question, how to attract and grow fans. This example fan growing strategy is one I have personally enjoyed being involved with. It is not the only strategy in the world, but it offers insight from a tried and tested model that has and is still working.

To begin

I recommend creating a stage name to help keep personal identity more private from the masses. The name could then be used as your common social handle/username. Ideally the username will be the same across all the networks to create a recognisable brand name for yourself. 

To find a good username that isn’t taken, you could add characters at either end of you name such as “x-katie-long-legs-x”.

The chances are you already have personal social profiles, so creating a new email address purely for the purpose of your new persona is also what I would recommend.

Now the email address is sorted, and your new user name, check the user name availability across the following networks;

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • AdmireMe

If you really cannot find a suitable username to standardised across all the social networks, then you can still create them under different usernames.

Each social network is going to be treated differently, with different content types posted.


Let’s start with twitter. Twitter from experience has driven the highest volume of fans for any account I have had input on. The great concept surrounding twitter is the mature nature of content that can be posted. There are exclusions which shouldn’t be shared and particular topics which can get an account disabled so have a read of twitter rule. However, twitter can be used as a “tease” platform to grab the attention and reach new potential fans you want to convert to Admirers. The purpose of posting tease content is to create the demand in the mind from followers that they want to see more and will be willing to pay for it. Uploading short 10/15 second clips of a blowjob, sucking a dildo, dancing, slow motion pulling down your top is a sure way to get new twitter fans, likes and retweets.

To improve the twitter reach, use a couple hashtags, and with a bit of luck a few influencers will retweet the content and give you a shout out.  People like to feel they have made a difference and from experience, many are more than happy to help grow your twitter base. Personally, I wouldn’t go following hundreds of twitter profiles either. Try to keep the profiles you follow to ones you genuinely want to follow like you would on your personal account. The only difference is you are going to be following other influencers.

The frequency of posts from statistics suggest 7 posts a day is a good number for maximum impact. To be entirely honest, as you are just starting out and not using any advanced marketing platform to decide the best content to post or time for maximum engagement, just post when it is easy for you. If you only get chance to post once a day, post once a day.  But DO try and post at least once every day to keep your trending presence up.


Instagram is stricter about the content that can be posted. Pictures or videos cannot be of sexual activity or showing nipples or private parts. There is also two parts to Instagram to pay attention to, your story board and the main profile posts. Stories will remain for 24 hours and are used to push your content to the top feed on Instagram users accounts. I would suggest using stories to take behind the scenes content to build anticipation, such as taking a selfie before a night out with the content “Will I pull tonight”. Then later a picture on the Instagram profile of you wearing something sexy in the bedroom.  That’s as naughty as the content will get on Instagram. The filters in Instagram are also great for taking photos and clips!


Snapchat if great for recording short clips up to 1:30m with a filter powerful beautifier filter. Filters can add a layer of privacy or enhancements to a picture or clip. Some people are more conscious about their appearance, so filters also help them to feel like they look different to how they look in real life.

What sex toys do I want?

Ultimately you might not want to use toys or purchase new lingerie and sexy clothing for your content. The more variety, the fresher content you will produce will this will lead to more Admirers.  If you are just playing with yourself in the nude with your hands, it will only go so far before recurring fans leave.  Adding a few toys to your arsenal can help you create a huge array of situations where they can be used. Also take into consideration, some Admirers will be more than happy to purchase these items for you!

Toys come in multiple orifices, the insertion of a toy can in multiple places, shot from different angles, played with in different locations, shared with a partner and so on. A single toy can be used in several clips and still create very original content.  Great toys to consider for conventional content could include a DOXY wand, Silicone dildo, plug and vibrator.

For the more fetish and explicit influencers, large toys or more kinky toys such as handyman’s dragon dildos to show off rose budding and anal gaping skills has worked for a few influencers, but we do not advise to participate in anything that could cause harm to yourself or others.

How much will I earn?

The ultimate question for all,” How much will I earn”. If you are producing good content, being personable and engaging with fans, there really is no upper limit to how many fans you can achieve and how much you can earn.

Earning over £1k a month for a few minutes of work each day within the first couple of months of creating a entirely new persona and account is achievable. If you are already an influencer in some manner and tie this back to your AdmireMe account, that number could be 10x.

AdmireMe pays out money speedily and is automated straight to your bank account every Monday after earning £100 during the accounting period. Less than £100 can also be paid out, but needs to be requested.

Don’t forget you should declare your earnings to the tax man and register as self-employed. Toys, accommodation, outfits and equipment’s are all items that may be offset against a tax bill, but if in doubt consult an accountant.


AdmireMe are great ways to earn an income. Sex toys and sexy outfits are a great way to add to content production. Social networks like twitter are great to tease and drive audiences to your AdmireMe account.

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