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Which Fleshlight do I buy?

With several Fleshlights to pick from, which is the best one to buy? The masturbators/stokers where originally patented as a "device for discreet sperm collection" back in the 1990s and designed to look like an oversized flashlight/torch. Move forward 20+ years, Fleshligh have sold over 12 million units sold and years to research and development has given birth to several amazing products. All the Fleshlight masturbators use their patented flesh-like material (SuperSkin) in their inner sleeve and come shaped to represent a vulva, anus, mouth including moulds from famous porn stars, or just a plainly designed pleasurable hole.

5 Reasons to buy a Fleshlight

  • Provides feel of real sex & intercourse with patented SuperSkin material
  • Body-safe, and safe to use repeatedly 
  • Variety of masturbators to choose from
  • Easy to clean and durable
  • Discreet and portable.

Fleshlight Classics

The Fleshlight classics include pink lady & pink butt. The original Fleshlight line has stood the test of time as the premiere self-pleasure male sex toys. These products will keep you happy and satisfied for years to come – perfect for both first-time buyers and returning customers. The main difference you will notice between the classic and newer models is the inner cavity is not textured like other Fleshlight masturbators. However the classic does promise to feel like the real thing, both tight & smooth.

Fleshlight Go

The Go series includes Go Surge Lady, Go Torque Ice & Go Jolt Butt. The GO series is a compressed and portable version of the best selling Fleshlight, making it the perfect travel companion. The inner cavity is textured and the size of the Fleshlight provided single-handed grip action. The Torque is transparent with a non-anatonimcal orifice. All three offer a different internal cavity texture and sensation. The Jolt Butt has butt orifice, and as the name suggests, the Surge Lady has a lady rifice. Their is no reason you shouldn't consider buying all three to provide a bit of variety.

Fleshlight Flight

Produce series includes Flight Pilot & Flight Aviator. The pilot is a compact, aerodynamically designed and discreet Fleshlight perfect for travel and storage. If you’ve ever thought of joining the Mile High Club, here's your chance. The Pilot sensation is turbulently pleasurable, incorporating a number of textures (bumps, fingers, ribs) and canal width changes that will have you flying to new heights. The Aviator on the other hand offers a smoother inner canal which provides a different feel to the Pilot. Both feel great and we would recommend buying the flight pair.  Visually, the difference between the two is the Pilot has a black case, and the Aviator has a transparent case.

Fleshlight Girls

Fleshlight Girls brings you closer to many of the biggest adult names on the planet. Designed to replicate the look and feel of the stars, their unique textures exceed the expectation of Fleshlight fans across the globe. Picture enjoying content from your favourite star with a Fleshlight Girl, feeling the same sensations as the male pornstar in the video! We could name some of the stars here, but with so many to choose from, we suggest you go check out the Fleshlight Girls collection.

Fleshlight Ice

The Ice series essentially means they are transparent and covers the Quickshot Vantage, Flight Aviator, Torque Ice, Ice Butt, Ice Pure, Ice Lady. Essentially some of the best selling Fleshlight's but housed in transparent self-pleasure device. The Ice rang offer the same heightened stimulation as their counterparts, but with the visual aid of seeing what is happening,  your Ice toy experience will blow you away.

Fleshlight QuickShot

Included in this series are the Vantage, . Perfect for couples or solo play with more playing, less cleaning. The QUICKSHOT is less than half the size of the original Fleshlight with exposed orifices on each end. This means it can be used as supplementary stimulation during blowjobs/fellatio/oral sex, or as a solo masturbation aid. The Vantage is transparent, whereas the boost has a black outer case. This is a great mini version of the Fleshlight we'd highly recommend buying!

Fleshlight Stamina

The Stamina Training Fleshlight was specifically designed to replicate intense sensations of intercourse, which can aid users increase sexual stamina which may improve performance, and intensify orgasms. The training units have la lady orifice, butt and plain orifice versions. If you want you to improve your stamina, then this Fleshlight provides two solutions in one.  It has a gold case, and the SuperSkin material as with all Fleshlight is used for the sleeve.

Fleshlight Turbo

Includes Turbo Thrust and Turbo Ignition in blue and copper colours. The Fleshlight Turbo promises to offer the most realistic and satisfying alternative to oral sex complete with a non-anatomical orifice and an exclusive texture. The Turbo's are uniquely designed with three points of initial insertion. Whether you like to stimulate just the tip or you prefer the tight, spine- tingling sensation of deep throating, the Turbo provides you everything you need get to the finish line. If oral sensation is what you want to replicate, then this is the Fleshlight for you! The only choice you now need to make is deciding which colour to go for!

Fleshlight Sex In A Can

Sex In A Can currently includes Lady Larger. The masturbator from masturbrewers include the patented real feel Superskin material for a truly lifelike fee, and mini orifices but with a twist, instead of looking like a flashlight, they are discreetly in a can case. The mini lotus inner texture is not found on any other Fleshlight product, and gives a different feel.

Fleshlight Fleshskins

Fleshskins are perfect for solo and couple masturbation. The first sleeve-only toy from Fleshlight will be sure to blow you away! As you place your fingers through the grips, you are in complete control of the tightness and intensity of your masturbation experience with the stroke of your (or your partner’s) hand. The patented skin-soft, intensely-textured Fleshlight material that the world already knows and loves is incorporated into this toy. Small and compact, FleshSkins toys can go wherever you go, and they’re small enough to hide away in practically any storage space. One-size fits all. With its open end, it is not a conventional "sperm collector", so you can be messy or discreetly blow your load in the bathroom with ease.

Fleshlight Freaks

You can't buy the Fleshlight Freaks at present, but sure they will be out soon.  They are going to offer something for those who want to play with the absurd or want to experiment with kinkier, freaky, monster looking masturbators. As we haven't got our hands on these yet we can't say much about them, however they do look interesting.

Fleshlight Vibro - Vibrating fun

The Fleshlight Vibro is like the classic masturbator, but with added bullets to create a vibrating ecstasy to push your over your limits quicker. With vibrating sensations transferred to each of the concentric fingers along the length of the shaft, you’ll swear later that you survived the big one. The Vibro is going to result in a big mess to clean - but you’ll be all smiles. The unit comes with a lady orifice, sleeve, three bullets with batteries included and instructions on use and care. You can buy replacement bullets if the bullets get lost of fail over time. They are not too expensive, and easy to swap around.

Fleshlight Launch

The launch series offer an automated experience that can stroke you up to 180 times a minute and sync with encoded VR content. The launch allows you to use the standard size Fleshlight toys (excluding Turbo, Ice, Flight, GO Products). It is worth noting the Fleshlight is not included with the Launch so you will need to buy it in addition if you do not already own one. If you want to use it with the Quickshot, then you will need to but the Quickshot Launch.

Fleshlight Kiiroo

The Kiiroo series offers a range of interactive toys for him and her. The lady toys include the Esca which is a versatile wearable massager. Bluetooth®-enabled for app-controlled play, to engage your lover from across the room or across the world. The Pearl 2 and Ohmibod Fuse. The mens masturabator is the Onyx 2 which also replicate some of your favourite adult stars. These units however are not available just yet, so keep an eye out.

Our recommendations

  • For couples we recommend the QuickShot or Fleshskins
  • On the go, we recommend the Flight or Go series
  • For something different and visually cool to place on the shelve, the Sex In A Can
  • For the first time experience, sometimes you can't beat the Classic!
  • If you want to feel a little more intermit with your favourite pornstar, it is the Fleshlight Girls
  • If you want to take advantage of smart technology, or just unable to use your hands, it's time to Launch or Kiiroo products


Fleshlight do toys for ladies and other none "sperm collector" devices including lubrication however this article is focused on the strokers from Fleshlight. Depending on how discreet your wish to be, if you want to take your Fleshlight on regular trips, use a couples play, you can see their are different products to suite your needs. We hope you have found this article helpful in making your choice for which one or several of the masturbators you decide to enjoy. Have fun!