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Mouth Gag Guide

Gags are used to obscure the mouth of a sub. The pleasure given to the dom comes from the ability to enforce greater control on the sub by preventing them from speaking. One of the amazing effects the gag creates is a muffled sound as the sub attempts to moan or speak. There are are several types of gags to choose from, which offer different experiences for both sub & dom. There is no right or wrong choice of gag, it is just personal preference.

Gags are fun and can be really appealing regardless of whether you are interested in bondage play or not as they are great at increasing physical and emotional connections in the bedroom.

Types of gags

1. The ball gag

These are the most common of all gags. A ball gag features a ball shaped gag which sits in the mouth behind the teeth and is held in place by a strap that wraps around the head. The balls can vary in size and colour and ball material such as Silicone or on some cheaper products on the market, PVC.

2. The bit gag

A big gag is bitten down between the teeth and resembles a the bit you would see in a horses mouth. This makes them great for animal role play fantasies. Material will vary for the bit, with some options being plastic and others metal.  If they are made from metal, make sure it is made with nickel free metal.

3. A o-ring gag

A o-ring gag is similar to a ball bag, except there is a hollow ring which is inserted in the sub’s mouth forcing it to stay open. This allows new possibilities of fun, forcing the sub to accept a penis or other objects to be placed into the mouth. Some o-ring gags are detachable, so you can replace the o-ring with larger or smaller diameter rings.  Their material also varies from plastic to metal.

4. A spider gag

A spider gag is a type of open mouth gag where the wearer’s mouth is kept open by four bars. The bars spread open the each corner of the mouth which looks like a spider. The same fun and excited you receive from an o-ring gag is that the subs mouth is forced open.

5. The muzzle gag

The muzzle gag mimics a muzzle used on animals. The gag is secured around the head, muzzling the mouth. Ideal for those who have a fantasy to treat their sub’s like a dog in some animal based role-play.

6. Harness Gag

A harness gag wraps around the entire head. Straps usually come up under the chin and around the back of the head. Some head harnesses include blindfolds which makes the sub’ completely helpless.

7. Inflatable Gag

An inflatable gag allows expands the size of the gag in the sub’s mouth through hand pump control, typically controlled by the dom. With the gag inflated, the sub is rendered speechless. The trust shown by the sub to his/her dom can be an immense turn on in itself.With all sex toys, you should always play safe, and when incorporating gags, be aware of your partner and the force, or inflation you excel onto them.